Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching up.....

In the Kona aftermath, I forgot to update my little space of the internet here.

The title of my blog is California Training (I remember wanting to call it California Triathlon or something but I had never done a triathlon and didn't want to be a poser.) Anyway, it's been nice to be back home and actually do a bit of California training between race travels. It was especially nice with Luke's sister Jacque here until yesterday to help us with Wynne, so business as usual was easily accomplished with her help (Thank you, Jacque! xoxox)

sunset on the way to girls night at Bestawan, our favorite hangout

When we got home from Hawaii, I buckled down for a couple big weeks of training (for Ironman Western Australia on Dec. 7th) before we jetted off to the Bahamas for the UWC Bahamas Triathlon.

This is what happens when you ask Dad to watch the baby for 10 minutes on the plane. 
The UWC Triathlon is an amazing race in paradise that is made possible by some amazing people. Race Director Barbara Ann is passionate about triathlon and raising money for scholarships for Bahamian kids. She puts on an amazing event and there is a big focus on not only our pro race, but also the kids clinic and kids tri.
Luke giving some pre-race swim tips at the kids tri clinic

Mark Holowesko sponsors the race and helps take care of the pros, showing us the amazing landscape of the Bahamas and allowing us to experience the magic of his island, Highbourne Cay.
The best way to fly to a tiny island? Sea Plane! Tim Don & Trevor Wuertele help load 'er up
Highbourne Key is so special that this years Ironman Hawaii runner-up (and fellow Zoot athlete), Ben Hoffman, proposed to the lovely Kelsey at their favorite secluded snorkel beach. I'd go more into depth about the amazing boat rides, accommodations, surf & turf by the Highbourne chef, golf cart races, etc but then you'd hate me because it's "oh so hard" to be a professional triathlete and all... Seriously though, its amazing to see pros truly taken care and appreciated for a few days, and the generosity of our Bahamas hosts is not lost on our group, who have seen our fair share of couches and wondering how long we can live on winnings from the last race.

Wynne has some well-deserved "me" time on a deserted beach at Highbourne
The highlight of the Bahamas trip was, of course, the race. I was able to race with a truly world class field, including current World Champion Gwen Jorgensen, winner of the Lifetime Series Alicia Kaye, the one and only long course superstar Heather Wuertele, and other speedsters including Lauren Brandon and Anna Cleaver. In the Olympic Distance race I came 6th (okay, last!), losing most of my time in the water to the fishies that out-swam me by many minutes. Luke came 3rd in the men's field with an equally stellar group lining up... I love to see him mixing it up (and doing well!) across distances. During our week in the Bahamas, I kept up my Ironman training and got in some solid sessions to keep the wheels turning until I got home to log the big miles.
me & Luke

Wynne kept up her 6-pack routine too... No slacking in paradise!

I think I heard (World Champ) Gwen Jorgensen's ovaries bursting every time she held Wynne. Sorry Gwen, Rio 2016 awaits you! 

Back home, I buckled down and here we are... lots of lovely (a little chilly- dipping below 60*) long bike rides, masters swims with my favorite crew at the Encinitas YMCA, and runs along the coast and through the trails. Getting in all my California training before we hit the road.

Ran a 16-mile point to point long run w/ Courtney along here on a crisp fall morning

Henshsaw loop- riding up Mesa Grande with Luke, Jess, & Mike the Bike

A favorite destination stops on our 100+ mile rides to Santa Ysabel
easy jog with Luke on the coast

Last weekend I raced the Silver Strand Half Marathon to see where I'm at and running FINALLY felt "effortless". I raced this one one other time in 2009 (thank you, blog, for being a great historian) and it was my 2nd 13.1 and the first time I broke 1:30 in a half marathon. This past Sunday, I ran 1:22:05 and won the female race. Luke had a solid race as well and came 4th.
Silver Strand Half Marathon finish line

Just one week out from our next trip across the world. First stop, Thailand for Luke to race Challenge Phuket. 2nd stop, Busselton- Ironman Western Australia, here I come!

(gratiuitous baby pic) Wynne is ready for her first trip down under!
 Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters who have helped me return to racing and keep me going... One more race for 2014!